8 Dollars and 2 Midterms: A Day in the Life

Today was definitely a Monday.

I was paid on Friday (great feeling) and paid my cable bill over the weekend (not so great). Today, I went to pay rent (even less great). I am now left with a grand total of $8.09 in my bank account and more bills on the way, with my next paycheck not coming for another two weeks (YAY).

On top of my wonderful financial state, I have two midterms this week, neither of which I am prepared for. This being due to the fact that I do not speak Italian (IT 101), nor am I a religious scholar (REL 105)-also, studying is not my favorite thing to do, nor is it a skill I have mastered in the past, so that might have a lot to do with my lack of preparation.

Needless to say, I’m feeling some stress.

Today in my First 5 devotion, the focus was on Genesis 26:7 in which Isaac lies to men of Gerar, saying that his wife Rebekah was not his wife at all, but rather his sister (much like his father Abraham’s encounter with the Egyptians in chapter 12). Isaac did this to save his own life, not thinking about the consequences or really anything else besides his own mortality. Rather than trusting in God’s sovereign provision, Isaac took things into his own hands and decided to lie his way into unsure safety.

This, of course, did not work. And it nearly backfired with the exact result Isaac was attempting to avoid.

What this taught me, especially looking back over the devotion after all of today’s challenges, is that the Lord will put us through trials that we won’t know how to handle. We will be faced with the decision to either trust God and his mighty, faithful will for our lives, or resort to our own faulty, makeshift plans.

In the face of trial, I am tempted to take measures into my own hands and handle things the way I see fit, but I am reminded of God’s faithfulness not only in my own past, but also in the past of others like Isaac and Abraham. The Lord justifies, qualifies and prepares us for whatever he has placed in our future; he gives us everything we need in the very moment we need it. Whether we will lean on his wisdom or resort to our lack thereof lay in our hands.

As for me, I will use my eight dollars to glorify the Lord however he sees fit, and I will study and pray for knowledge that only he can give me. I know Satan will use struggles like these to tempt me into trusting my own decisions, but furthermore, I know God will use hard times to glorify him in ways I cannot imagine. So I will gladly endure trials through faith, for what the enemy means for evil, God means for good. 1 Peter 4:13; Genesis 50:20.


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