the girl behind it all

Danie tailgate laugh

Danielle Waddell (her friends call her Danie) is a senior at the University of Alabama studying an odd concoction of journalism, religious studies, and Italian. An avid adventurer, wanderlust flows through her blood–there isn’t a place on the map she doesn’t long to go. Danie believes in the beauty of a journey, not just the good ones, but the crappy ones, too. There’s a lesson to be learned and a praise to be sung in every season; sometimes they’re just harder find. A lover of New York City, Danie also prides in her home state of Alabama (though she also realizes and mourns Dixie’s many faults and flaws). She’s a bucker of authority, a drinker of chai, a befriender of many, a lover of words, and a writer of all things. Danie prescribes to the belief that there’s no better feeling than having friends across the nation and the world, so don’t hesitate to hit your girl up.

To learn more about her experience as a writer and human, check out her portfolio


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